i see in the sea nothing except the sea. i don't see a shore. i don't see a dove.

publication, 2015

the tide is rising. can we separate art and the way we choose to live? how do we rearrange our desires?

the title of the project is borrowed from mahmoud darwish's book of poetry, memory for forgetfulness: august, beirut, 1982. here, however, the current and overwhelming power of the war on terror and its endlessness is considered; it's difficult to imagine a shoreline. where does our individual involvement begin, and where does it end? how are we complicit? what is the role of the artist in this war?

edited by heather m. o'brien
designed by zeynab izadyar
copy editing by rodensa au
published by secretary press
distributed by small press distribution

with essays by allen frame, malene dam, nicole antonia salazar, and amin husain & nitasha dhillon (mtl)

additional contributions by diego alejandro sierralta, felisia tandiono, gabriela salazar, bridget de gersigny, zee de gersigny, marina berio, carlos motta, samira yamin, adam golfer, and ashley hunt