metta world peace

publication, 2012

what are the frames through which war is understood? how have the discourses of art addressed the role of the artist in times of war? from what positions do such discourses speak? what silences remain? when is war ‘war’ and peace ‘peace’?

a response to the contemporary world as a site of global war, via the mediums of writing, video, photography, critical theory, and graphic design. the dialogue continued beyond a course in a calarts classroom, into the form of a publication, allowing the artists to position themselves within a specific political space, while also considering deliberations that occurred throughout the course.

edited by heather m. o'brien
designed by kate johnston
published by the women's center for creative work
released at calarts in fall 2012

with contributions by shagha ariannia, heisue chung, roslyn cohen, malene dam, danielle dean, tara foley, patrick flood, heather m. o'brien, jonathan takahashi, camilo restrepo and katrin winkler

and essays by michelle dizon and ashley hunt