pier 84, nyc, 2013

between apocalyptic apprehensions, and dreams of deliverance

slide lecture and projection
16 mins

the location of the performance is precise: earth, water, sky. the piece embraces and questions the monolithic past of the intrepid sea, air, and space museum, located on the adjacent pier. intimate frames become clues into a subconscious space of conflict.

carousel is an exhibition experiment. it is a venue on a turntable. it is a nomad. it is an anachronism. surpassing its time and usefulness, carousel is cheap, familiar, a little stubborn, and begging for reinterpretation. regular one-night-only "openings" will showcase an artist and their use of a mechanical slide projector. carousel is organized by artists gabriela salazar and mary choueiter.
photographs by diego sierralta leon