i see in the sea nothing except the sea.
i don't see a shore. i don't see a dove.

book launch / reading at baxter st. at ccny, nyc, 2015

the title of the project is borrowed from mahmoud darwish's book of poetry, memory for forgetfulness: august, beirut, 1982. here, however, the current and overwhelming power of the war on terror and its endlessness is considered; how might we imagine a shoreline? where does our individual involvement begin, and where does it end? how are we complicit and what is the role of the artist in this war?

this event included a live reading in the round, featuring several of the writers and contributors of the book. the voices allowed the words on the page to be communally heard aloud; there was a realization of the different places from which we speak. some of the passages came directly from the book; other readings included red velvet by nikky finney (for rosa parks, 1913-2005), come september by arundhati roy and on direct action: an address to cultural workers by global ultra luxury faction (g.u.l.f.).

readers included: justin collins, malene dam, pradeep dalal, allen frame, amin husain, sean m. kennedy, valentina medda, heather m. o'brien, sona rai, andy robert, julissa sarabia, and marisa williamson

works on view by zeynab izadyar and heather m. o'brien

special thanks to secretary press and baxter st. at ccny

photographs by christopher golden